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Our Product

  • PLC(Program Logic Control) - LX7 Series

    • Basic control points from
      28,48 points up to 104 digital
      I/O points.
    • Enable 2 expansion module.
    • 2 Serial ports.
    • Program memory size upto
      9K words.
    • Built-in HSC, Pulse catch,
      Pulse output(for TR output
      module only).
    • Built-in real time clock,
      PID function.

  • PLC(Program Logic Control) - LX70 Series

    • Fast, powerful processers i.e
      basic instruction speed is 0.2micro sec/step.
    • Control up to 384 digital I/O points.
    • Various I/O types and specialty
      modules are available.
    • High capacity programming
      and memory backup option.
    • Supports built-in PID capabilities.
    • Built in real time clock.
    • Built in RS 232C and RS 485 ports.
    • Self diagnostics to minimize system errors
      and to maximize diagnostic efficiency.
    • Data memory up to 4K words.
    • 28 basic and 147 advanced instructions.

  • PLC(Program Logic Control) - LX700 Series

    • Control upto 1600 digital I/O points.
    • Flexible and special I/O modules.
    • Range of I/O base slots:
      2 to 12 slots.
    • Built in real time clock.
    • Built in PID control.
    • Upto 96 slaves can be connected
      using remote I/O Master and
      remote I/O slave.
    • Serial communication unit comes
      with 2 serial ports for additional
      communication requirements.
    • Program memory of 20K with
      built in flash EEPROM backup.

  • HMI

    • Range: 4.3” to 15”.
    • The whole range has touch screen
      with 64k colour.
    • Inbuilt features like Ethernet,
      profibus, etc.
    • 2 channel communication with
      2 PLC’s separately is possible.
    • Does not need an adapter.
    • long distance communication
      possible,i.e upto 12kM
    • It is possible to save PLC data
      in CF card or USB data.
    • With the help of built in
      project manager,2 or 3 projects
      can be managed.