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Our Product

  • Soft Starters - CSX Series

    • two product types increases
      competitiveness by allowing
      selection of the product type
      that best matches client needs.
    • Compact Size: physically small
      compared to competition.
    • Built-in Bypass Contactor: makes
      installation simple and reduces
      ventilation requirements.
    • Current Controlled: superior start
      performance over TVR controllers.
    • Motor Protections: overload,
      phase loss,
      phase rotation, excess start
      time,motor thermistor, supply fault.
    • Extensive kW Range:
      wide range up to 110 kW.
    • Serial Communications: MODBUS,
      DeviceNet, Profibus, AS-i.
    • Advanced Accessories: Remote Operator,
      PC Software

  • Soft Starters - IMS2 Series

    • Wall mountable,IP42(IP54 optional)
      up to 253A.
    • Simple to use and program-
      Basic installation requires just
      one function setting.
    • Comprehensive feature list-
      67 function settings for advanced
    • Bypass terminals- Retains
      motor protection and monitoring
      even when the starter is bypassed.
    • 3 Wire or 6 Wire motor connection.
    • RS485 port as standard.
    • Four Programmable relay outputs and
      one analogue outputs 4-20mA.